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Our Service Users

Individuals or Larger Organisations

We have a very diverse client base. Ranging from small companies with only one employee, looking to increase their market share, or needing help with risk assessments, to larger companies, who are looking at ways of improving their attendance or performance. Many of our clients tend to be new start entrepreneurs. Often organisations do not have the resources to deal with certain issues, yet the irony is, the cost of these issues are immeasurable.

HR and Training Support

We have shaped working hours, offering HR support during our client's transition. Consulting with their staff, ensuring legal compliance, whilst operations are maintained at optimum throughout. We have helped some of our clients utilise their training levy to up-skill their workforce. This has resulted in improved quality output, reduced defects and better staff retention rates.

Lean Techniques and Innovation

With manufacturing organisations, we have identified areas for improving efficiencies with a fresh insight, often in areas that have been overlooked. With a long history of being involved in lean manufacturing since the 90's, we can quickly support identifying bottlenecks, looking at an entire process map.